Planning the Optimal Regional Site Visit

The Australian Childhood Foundation’s Safeguarding Children Team works with organisations that provide programs and activities for children and young people, to make them safer and less vulnerable to exploitation

It is the only program of its kind in Australia. It provides policies, training and an accreditation scheme that strengthens the capacity of organisations to build an effective child safe culture.
The challenge set to Data Hatch was to help build a dynamic visualisation of the teams site visits, which often cover large geographical areas, to ensure that the accreditation process included a broad cross section of the organisation that The Australian Childhood Foundation work with.

To ensure that The Australian Childhood Foundation could allocate their teams resources efficiently Data Hatch chose to develop a dynamic geographical visualisation tool.

The organisations that are visited by the team are often spread out across the country and viewing the data as addresses alone did not give the team enough of a reference point for the scale of any site visits.
The key features that any product needed to have included:

  1. The ability to filter the locations based on fields such as number of employees, number of volunteers, services delivered and the number of children and young people accessing the services
  2. The ability for the team to map the data based only on the address fields provided

Data Hatch’s solution needed to be dynamic as every organisation visit is different and the filters would never be the same.

Using Google APIs to convert organisations addresses into latitude and longitude points, Data Hatch was able to turn The Australian Childhood Foundation data sets from excel tables into geographical data sets that could be visualised easily.

Using a robust data visualisation platform called Omniscope, Data Hatch ensured that the dynamic requirement of the project was taken care of. Using a platform such as Omniscope ensures that filters can easily be altered by the team without the need to change any data structures and delivered to the end user seamlessly.

The final product allows the team to allocated their resources efficiently whilst ensuring that a robust cross section of the organisations that The Australian Childhood Foundation work with to be visited.

The Australian Childhood Foundation is currently using the geographical visualisation tool built by Data Hatch to organise their resource allocation on any site visits across Australia.


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